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Your business requires first class telecommunications solutions that work first time, every time. In today's highly integrated market could your business survive without a robust communications network? Our competitive advantage stems from constant innovation and a desire to see the Island's business sector flourish.

Our first class range of business products and services has been tailored specifically to meet the needs of companies just like yours.

Business Broadband

Our business broadband packages are a step-up over the consumer connections we offer for a lower cost. Designed with additional benefits such as a static IP, lower contention (where available) and a managed router, our business broadband services offer a true plug-in and forget service.

Delivered down your existing phone line using either ADSL2+, VDSL2 or SDSL, these services are distance dependant and the actual speeds available will depend on several factors including line length, contention and the activity of other users in your area. With SDSL services, a dedicated copper phone line is required to operate the service.

Microwave Connectivity

Wireless is what we do. It's in our DNA. From the very inception of our company, we've been bypassing Manx Telecom's infrastructure and connecting customers directly into our network. Today we're proud to run the Island's largest fixed wireless network.

Operating from multiple sites around the Island, it's also the fastest boasting 4G technology throughout. Whilst you'll typically see packages available up to 4 MBit/s from our competition, we thought we'd do things a little differently. After all the core of our network is fibre optic so we've no problem keeping up!

Fibre Optic Connectivity

xDSL broadband is a great way of delivering medium bandwidth connectivity to small businesses. Its low cost copper delivery offers a contended service shared with 50 or 20 other users. However, with even the fastest service delivering less than 2 MBit/s of upstream bandwidth and strict distance limits, xDSL soon reaches its limitations.

Step in the BlueWave Fibre optic network. Speeds of over 1000 MBit/s now become possible and all without the distance limits, contention and lack of SLA associated with copper based DSL products.

Ethernet Circuits

With today's businesses increasingly relying on networked services, high quality connectivity between sites has never been more important.

An Ethernet circuit from BlueWave Communications provides a private and secure layer 2 link between two or more locations on or off the Island. We have fibre PoPs around the Isle of Man meaning our pricing is significantly lower than any of our competitors.

Circuits are available with bandwidths ranging from 2 MBit/s right through to 1 GBit/s and beyond.
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